That’s right, it’s Friday. You so excited? We so excited. Let us look, my friends, at what the weekend holds for the athletes through whom we live vicariously.

The Brewers start their three games series in Cincinatti tonight (6:10 PM CT, FSN Wisconsin), while the Cardinals begin their showdown with the Phillies. Knowing the Brewers (and the Cardinals), this means they will most likely lose three games on their lead. But with the magic number at 8, I’m still calling this race for the good guys, so don’t worry. I am never wrong.

The Badgers play another creampuff team in Northern Illinois and former Badgers coach Dave Doeren. Here’s a JSOnline article about the concerns over Doeren potentially stealing signals, after  former defensive coordinator Mike Hankwitz was suspected of doing so in the Northwestern vs. UW game last season (but he didn’t).

Bogut, Jennings and company are not doing anything because the NBA is still locked out. If the NFL lockout did not quite drive you over the edge and you’re looking for that final push, here’s some reading via the Boston Globe about the status of the latest millionaire athlete vs. bajillionaire owner conflict.

And of course, the Packers will attempt the impossible when they try to stop NFL legend Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers. In all seriousness, I doubt I’m the only one who senses the possibility of a trap game against an NFC South doormat with a young and mobile QB. Sound familiar?

Just for good measure, here is a nice little story about how some Brewers and Packers players are BFFs.