That’s right, it’s Friday. You so excited? We so excited. Let us look, my friends, at what the weekend holds for the athletes through whom we live vicariously.

The Brewers, at long last, have a chance to clinch the NL Central division for the first time in club history. In order for that to happen Friday, the Crew must win and the Cards have to lose, which about 24 hours ago looked unlikely to happen the rest of the season. Then this happened. Who doesn’t love the Mets??? Regardless of what happens Friday, the Brewers should be expected to clinch this weekend. All that’s needed is one Brewer win and one Cardinal loss, or two Brewer wins.The Brewers send Yovani Gallardo against Chris Volstad of the Marlins tonight at 7:10 PM CT, at Miller Park.

Tragedy has struck all of America today. The NBA announced the cancellation of 43 preseason games. Humor aside, probably bad news if you’re a Bucks fan. It seems very unlikely that at least some regular season games won’t be lost at this point. But who cares really? We’ll be celebrating a World Series championship by the time the season is supposed to start.

The Badgers face South Dakota on Saturday, in their final tune-up game before The Match-up. We so excited indeed.

Speaking of huge match-ups, the Packers return to Chicago for the first time since shutting up all of their fans exactly 8 months ago today. Ah, good times.