That’s right, it’s Friday. You so excited? We so excited. Let us look, my friends, at what the weekend holds for the athletes through whom we live vicariously.

Tonight at 7 PM CT on CBS, the Packers face off against the Colts at Lucas Oil Stadium in the sort-of-important-but-still-not-really third preseason game. Granted, exactly one year ago today the Packers destroyed the Colts, with Aaron Rodgers (21-29 for 195 yards and three touchdowns in only two quarters of play) and Matt Flynn both stealing the show from Peyton Manning – and that season went alright.

We not so excited.

The Brewers, of course, play all three days in their series against the Cubs, but Sunday’s game will be on national television. You can thank hurricane Irene for that; TBS bumped the Yanks from their Sunday afternoon schedule because of the possibility of the game being cancelled. Score one for the boring old Midwest! USA Today has a good article about how the hurricane is affecting east coast teams.

The Bucks’ players are also probably doing something this weekend, but not together of course, as the NBA lockout continues. League and player reps will meet next week, and there is hope for progress says Yahoo Sports. Where have I heard all this stuff before???