If the city of Seattle cannot get the Sacramento Kings to relocate, the Bucks will likely be their back-up plan. So says JP Cadorin, reporter for Milwaukee’s Sports32.

Cadorin also says that the Seattle Times editor he heard this from believes the chances of the Kings moving to Seattle are currently at about 40%. So, if he’s right, it’s fairly likely that Seattle will end up trying to woo the Bucks.

As of now, the only thing stopping another city from having a serious chance at getting the Bucks is Herb Kohl’s ownership. Kohl has said that he will only sell to someone who commits to keeping the team in Milwaukee.

Two problems:

1. A new owner could probably go back on their word and move the team anyway.

2. Herb Kohl is 78 years old, and if he were to lose control of the team suddenly, that could immediately present a scenario in which the Bucks are freely available for purchase by any outside group, whether they have any ties to Milwaukee or not.

Bottom line – the Bucks need a new arena if they’re going to stay in Milwaukee. Unless something changes soon and the team finds a way to get fans genuinely excited, they’re not likely to find a lot of support for publicly funding that new arena.