In an almost unbelievable report in USA Today, Bob Nightengale says that baseball is not only coming hard after Ryan Braun after his name appeared in the financial records of a clinic tied to PEDs, but is willing to grant other players immunity in return for helping to take down Braun.

Yes, that’s right: Apparently some players are guiltier than others when it comes PED use. Only some deserve punishment, while others get off scot-free as thanks for helping to smoke out the real bad guys. The ones like Braun, who perhaps not coincidentally embarrassed MLB on a national stage by becoming the first Major League player to successfully appeal a PED suspension.

Evidently, the only purpose of MLB’s appeals system is to confirm whatever ruling the league has already made.

For now, it’s impossible to tell if MLB will eventually get their man or not. But the message to players is clear: If you dare to win your appeal, it only serves to put a target on your back.