Where and When: Raiders @ Packers, Sunday at 3:15 after the league moved the champs out of one of their few noon kickoffs two weeks ago. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms will be on hand at Lambeau again after previously calling the Bronco game (one that shouldn’t even count since Tim Tebow only saw one snap, am I right America?).

All-Time Series: Seems weird that these teams have only played 11 time but such is life in cross-conference matchups. Counting the 33-14 win in Super Bowl II the Packers lead 6-5 and going back to 1990 have won 5 straight. Despite few meetings there have been some memorable affairs including 1993 when the Lambeau Leap was invented and the Packers clinched their first playoff spot since 1982. And lest we forget the magical Monday Night in Oakland.

Head Coach: Hue Jackson of which I have nothing to say other than I sometimes think his name is Hue Jackman by mistake.

2011 Version: Weird team that was off to a nice little start before Jason Campbell got hurt, then Carson Palmer was dug up and just as he was looking better even without Darren McFadden they go out to Miami and get absolutely shelled 34-14 (a final score that makes the game look closer than it was). They want to be a more diverse version of the Broncos but the defense just isn’t as a good as Palmer is getting interceptiony again. Looks like if they drop this one the division will belong to Denver as Skip Bayless weeps with joy.

Prediction: Lucky 13-0. Packers 35, Raiders 17. Look for Aaron Rodgers to be the one going long………er.

This doesn't even need a joke here, does it?