Where and When: Packers @ Giants, 3:15 Sunday. For the third straight week Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be on hand, I’d like to think Aikman gets annoyed at seeing the same team every week before being reminded Pat Summerall and John Madden could have moved to Dallas in the mid-90s.

All-Time Series: A little surprised they haven’t had even more games against each other considering the first meeting was in 1928. Including a 4-2 mark in postseason (would be 5-1 were it not for the quarterback throwing away yet another playoff game) the Packers lead Big Blue 30-23-2. Aaron Rodgers has only faced them once but had numbers that would take Tim Tebow 3 games to accrue: 25-37, 404 YDs, 4 TDs. So it was uplifting this week on his podcast with Jason Wilde (a fun listen each week if you’ve never done so) to hear him say they have a lot of those same guys on defense.

Head Coach: Yep, Ol’ Red Face Tom Coughlin is still around for what seems like forever now (which is odd since at the time he’d been with the Jaguars for a while too, he’s like a deer tick with a franchise, not getting him out easily). But considering how the rest of their second half goes this could be the end of the line leaving him more time to practice his interpretive dance.

Tom Coughlin doing the ancient "No Interceptions Dance" which Eli repeatedly proves doesn't work

2011 Version: Stop me if you’ve heard this before but the Giants are struggling in the second half of a season after running out to a nice start. Feels like 5 years ago that the won in Foxboro to get to 6-2 having since dropped close games to the 49ers and Eagles (starting Vince Young of all people) before the Saints kicked their teeth in. This would be more shocking had everyone not seen this coming but this was so predictable people aren’t even going to credit the Cowboys for making a nice comeback this season. The odd thing in all of this is that Eli’s having arguably his best season, unfortunately for him his running game is injured/bad and the defense is leaky, oh football you are a cruel bitch.

Prediction: I’d been planning for weeks to call for the unbeaten dream to die in this game but just can’t shake their Monday Night performance. Packers 33, Giants 24