When and Where: Packers @ Vikings, 3:15 Sunday at the Trashdome in Minneapolis. This game is getting what’s left of the FOX A-Team now that Joe Buck’s not caring about calling baseball instead of not caring about calling football. Thom Brennaman fills in, we can only hope his first meeting with Christian Ponder isn’t as life-altering as his encounter with Tim Tebow so we don’t have to keep hearing about it.

All-Time Series: Tight for most of the Vikings’ existence, the Packers taking 7 of the last 10 has the side of Good now owning a 51-48-1 advantage including the Randy Moss Moon Game (real shame how pathetically his career ended, and by shame I mean positively hilarious). I think it’s because over the last 20 years they’ve been the more consistent threat to Green Bay in the division but most fans my age hate this team more than the Bears who are still considered the #1 rival by talking heads. I despise the Vikings and include their heartbreakers against Atlanta and New Orleans in NFC Championship Games among my favorite sporting events ever and there will always be 2003 bitches.

Head Coach: Leslie Frazier. At least he’s not Brad Childress, I guess. I bet Tony Dungy wanted to crawl under his desk last Sunday when NBC shoed a split screen of Frazier and Lovie Smith talking about how both came from the “Dungy Tree” which is about as bountiful these days as those trees at Auburn.

2011 Version:







Prediction: Packers 27, Vikings 20. Feeling bad juju about this game but won’t predict the upset.