So when I started doing these mini previews didn’t take in consideration rematches with division opponents so if you’re curious about the all-time series record go to this post and +1 to the Packer total.

Where and When: Vikings @ Packers, 7:30 Monday night on ESPN. Considering Gruden loves everybody including even bad quarterbacks we’re all curious how he will keep himself composed calling an Aaron Rodgers start, hopefully looking at some of the lovely ladies of Lambeau will keep his arousal at an acceptable level.

First Meeting: Less than a month ago the Pack kept up their winning ways against the Vikings under Mike McCarthy (8-3, fist pump!) with a tougher than it should have been 33-27 victory at the Metrodome. The offense did its thing per usual, including a strong finish at the end running the ball for 50 yards and killing the remaining time on the clock, but in keeping with the most troubling trend of the season the defense was bad. Christian Ponder making his first start was better than 13/32 since every completion seemed to be a crusher and Adrian Peterson did Peterson things (watching Morgan Burnett trying to tackle him while wearing a club on his broken hand was adorably sad). But as they’ve done thus far on the season the Packers had more points in the end and Good triumphed over Evil.

Since Last We Met: I was planning on using this section to cover the team’s respective season since the first meeting (which will be quite the journey when the Bears come up again) but due to a scheduling quirk and each team having a bye in the last two weeks these teams have only had a single game since the last meeting. The Vikes kept up with their competitive ways and managed to do what every other team in the North has thus far and get annoyed by the Panthers before winning. I’m sure it has to be frustrating for Minny fans to recognize how close they are to being in the middle of the Wild Card race (and for Packer fans this is hilarious)

Prediction: Packers 31, Vikings 20. Long term prediction is that while Ragnar’s heart and belly are full, his trophy case will remain empty

Even while in Viking garb people ask this man what it was like being called "Meathead" by Archie Bunker on TV

At least the lack of trophies means fewer valuables to pack when the team moves to LA