Where and When: Packers @ Chiefs Sunday at noon at what could be a bipartisan Arrowhead Stadium if the crowd noise when the Steelers were there is any indication. Was wondering what crew would get a game involving KC but apparently 13-0 calls for FOX’s B-team so Kenny Albert, the always impeccably dressed Moose Johnston and resident blowhard Tony Siragusa will call the action.

All-Time Series: Wow, these teams have played even less frequently than the Raiders (Peter King made a good point in MMQB this week about how before the realignment in 2002 setting it up that teams would play every four years at least you could go 10 years without seeing someone from the other conference). Counting Super Bowl I (I like how this highlight package plays like the league was trying to apologize for the Chiefs being involved saying “See! They had some nice plays!”) the Packers trail 3-6-1 but did take the last meeting also in Arrowhead back in 2007.

Head Coach: Todd Haley Romeo Crennel, Charlie Weis’ defensive-minded counterpart (both fat, both shouldn’t be head coaches but working for the Patriots got them jobs) gets the interim nod after Haley was fired this week. We will all miss your horrible facial hair coach.

Todd Haley had been bracing himself for unemployment by dressing the part of homeless vagrant on the sidelines

2011 Version: Smelled like frauds who were the benefit of a cake schedule while winning the division last year and it was true, even before Matt Cassel got hurt they weren’t very good. The Chiefs sport a feisty defense that won them a game in Chicago a couple weeks back (just remember that Tyler Palko also led a team to 10 miraculous points against the Bears before saying Tim Tebow should be the fucking MVP) but they did just give up 37 to the Jets so hopefully they’re ready to just mail this season in.

Prediction: Packers 27, Chiefs 13