When and Where: Packers @ Lions kicking off the holiday at 11:30. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman will be there depriving us of the traditional halftime shot of Troy Aikman being in Dallas to appear on stage during the horrible halftime show.

All-Time Series: Packers own that ass, 91-65-7 including two postseason wins (weird to remember the days when Detroit wasn’t surprised by making the playoffs). The Lions hold a 7-11-1 record in games between the two on Thanksgiving although the Packers have taken the last two so they that going for them. All the talk this week is looking back a similar matchup in 1962 when a 10-0 Green Bay team suffered it’s first and only loss of the season in Detroit. In a move only the current Lions could love, members of that ’62 are talking about how they should have won instead of being the team that did.

Head Coach: Jim Schwartz, holder of a 15-27 career record. This sums it up nicely.

BREAKING NEWS: Asshole coach doesn't like other asshole coaches

2011 Version: Weird team, ran out to a somewhat shaky 5-0 record that required multiple rallies of 20+ points, regression his to the tune of losing 3 of 4 (and in really enjoyable fashion in two of those, of course their loss to the Falcons managed to be boring just like every game Matt Ryan’s involved in) but kinda got back on track last week against Carolina doing what they do best: Falling behind by 17 and rallying back against a bad defense. Matt Stafford still doesn’t want us to know if he’s actually good or not (I happen to think he’s perfectly above average) and despite having an allegedly dominate defensive line their team has given up more points than the Packers (helped by some Stafford TAINTS, but still it’s close considering how much everyone bags on Green Bay’s defense).

Prediction: This is as good a spot as any for the first loss but in the words of Lee Corso, fuck it. Packers 31, Lions 27