When and Where: Broncos @ Packers, 3:15 at Lambeau Field. The Super Bowl champs get another national slot as most of the country will see this one called by Nantz and Simms while the best CBS game of the afternoon (Patriots-Raiders) is only seen in those markets. Kiss the ring, bitches.

All-Time Series: Tied at 5-5-1 NOT including postseason because screw John Elway, that’s why. First meeting since the memorable MNF matchup in Denver that ended with the Favre-to-Jennings bomb in OT that caused the entire ESPN booth to orgasm in unison. Also worth pointing out from that game was that Jay Cutler started for Denver meaning that in 7 of 8 career games against the Packers he hasn’t led his team to 20 points scored.

Head Coach: John Fox is in his first year with Denver following a long stretch in Carolina where he should have a good idea about what the Packers run since as was mentioned two weeks ago the Panthers are a recurring foe on Green Bay schedules. Fortunately this time around he’s not bringing nearly as good a team as he had in most of those previous matchups.

2011 Version: This team had some serious stink on it coming into the season what with all the unpleasant QB issues caused by The Jesus not being good enough to beat out Brady Quinn on the depth chart and them choosing to start friend of Jack Daniels, Kyle Orton. The Broncos sit at 1-2 but have been in every game as John Fox already has his stamp on this team as they do remind you of his first Panther club that wasn’t very good themselves but was just kinda in most games. The offense hasn’t been overly good ranking 23rd in points scored with the defense doing a little better job after reshaping the unit in the offseason. I’ve run out of things to say about them as this may be the most uninteresting team the Packers play until they reach the Rams game.

Prediction: Packers 31, Broncos 13

Further proof that Kyle Orton is more awesome than Tim Tebow in every way