Earlier this week, Dwight Howard described his teams in OrlandosĀ  “a team of guys who nobody wanted.” Howard now says he meant that the Magic were underdogs, and that he was not insulting any of his former teammates. Bucks guard JJ Redick did not take it that way.

ESPN Los Angeles:

“I’m not surprised by it,” (J.J.) Redick told ESPNLosAngeles.com Wednesday evening before his Milwaukee Bucks played the Los Angeles Clippers. “I would be more surprised when Dwight starts taking responsibility. That would be the most negative thing I can say, but that’s the truth.

“You can’t take all the credit and not accept any of the blame.”

Ouch. Howard’s claim is simply untrue to begin with. It might have been an appropriate description of his final team in Orlando, which has been terrible this year without him, but the team that went to the finals had Rashard Lewis, Hedo Turkoglu and Jameer Nelson. Not exactly “guys nobody wanted.”

This season, Howard’s Lakers have struggled to a 31-31 record. His teammates are some guys nobody wanted named Kobe, Steve, Metta, and Pau. Poor Dwight – screwed over again.