Someone wouldn’t be wrong to feel sick about K Rod accepting arbitration earlier tonight. It basically eats whatever room the Brewers have in their payroll. I think there’s a positive spin that could be added to it , though. Aramis Ramirez and Jimmy Rollins are the major targets for the Brewers this offseason. Both guys have been injury prone over the last couple of seasons and they aren’t getting any younger. Rollins, 33, is looking for 5 years and $50 M while Ramirez, 34, is looking for 3-4 years and $40-60 M. This doesn’t even consider Attanassio’s surprise meeting with Boras in an attempt to retain Fielder.

Paying Rodriguez $13 M next season puts a major obstacle in the way of those signing. This where I believe believe the Brewers could have been given a big blessing in disguise. That $13 M comes off the books after the season. I understand the Brewers wouldn’t have to pay all the money if they cut him or trade him.

The issue becomes how do they fill their holes on very little money. I still believe they should bring in Kevin Kouzmanoff for 3B at the very least in a platoon with Taylor Green. It sounds like Jed Lawrie is being made available by the Red Sox. He shouldn’t cost much to acquire him, but the Brewers would need a capable backup to cover for him. I’d look at Nick Punto or someone similar for that role.

With these new moves, I’d like to see the Brewers roster look like this in 2012.

C Lucroy
1B Gamel
2B Weeks
SS Lowrie
3B Kouzmanoff
LF Braun
CF Morgan/Gomez
RF Hart
C Kottaras
IF Punto
IF Green
OF Morgan/Gomez
OF Lewis/Gomes/Johnson
SP Gallardo
SP Greinke
SP Marcum
SP Wolf
SP Narveson
RP Axford
RP Rodriguez
RP Loe
RP Parra
RP Estrada
RP Kintzler/DiFelice/Fiers/De la Cruz/Peralta
RP Igarashi/Davies/Padilla/Neshek

With all that said, the wildcard still is the front office of this Brewers team. I highly doubt they get very creative.