It may have taken awhile, but some sports media members in Milwaukee are starting to hold Herb Kohl’s feet to the fire.

In recent days, Mitch Nelles and Steve “Homer” True have been ranting about the Bucks owner, particularly the futility of the Bucks during his tenure as owner, and to a lesser extent, John Hammond’s failures as GM.

Nelles’ fiery four minute rant started the fun, but it continued with Bucks discussion through all three hours of their show earlier today. To hear it all, use this link. “Thunder rants about the Bucks futility” and “Homer’s open letter” are the two best clips. Nelles also showed up on the RealGM Bucks forum – home to a lot of die hard Bucks fans fed up with the lack of direction in the organization – to interact and hear feedback.

Who knows if this will lead anywhere, but it’s refreshing to finally hear someone in the Milwaukee sports media drawing attention to the elephant in the room – the total mediocrity of the Bucks over the last two decades.