Once you get past seeing Adam Schefter looking smug to the point that Bill Maher would take issue the sad news being reported in his Tweet is that McCarthy announced today that Nick Collins will be placed on Injured Reserve thanks to his scary collision with Jonathan Stewart’s ass.  More often than not it seems like whenever you see the cart come out and all the precautions taken that it doesn’t end up being THAT bad long term so my hope was that he’d just be down a couple games but that neck must be all sorts of messed up. Glad to hear that he doesn’t appear to have any problems moving around as it was a scary scene on the field.

So now instead of having a position of stability at safety they’re again going to rely on Charlie Peprah to keep the defense afloat. He did an admirable job last year of keeping things from collapsing last year but that was filling in at the other safety position with Collins still around to do his thing which thankfully involved finding his way to the football. Without knowing Tramon Williams’ status for next week there could be cause for concern until we remember that they’re playing the Bears.