Tried to used logic and reasoning last week picking the Vikings to cover two touchdowns in Lambeau and what happens? Just the biggest margin of victory in the history of the series. So that set the tone for a 6-10 week highlighted by taking the Panthers to win by 4+ (they dropped a 30-3 heartbreaker). 60-79-7 on the season and getting worse, need a Tebow-esque rally here to even be sniffing .500 come the postseason.

Packers (-14) over the Buccaneers: Not going to make this mistake again. The possibility is there for a bit of a look-ahead with the Lions coming up just three days later but the Bucs are awful and I have to believe that Rodgers is itching to get that first career win against them. Worth following the rest of the season, with 7 TDs apiece Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson have a good chance at becoming the first pair of Packer teammates to exceed 10 in a season (meanwhile Jermichael Finley sulks).

Denver (+6) over the Jets: I totally called this, if that game was between SEC teams it would have been hailed as a masterpiece.

Bills (+2.5) at the Dolphins: The league’s worst good team against it’s best bad team. Not exactly the days of Jim Kelly and Dan Marino out there. Give me enough Fred Jackson to keep Buffalo in the playoff hunt (funny now that with a win they remain in second a game ahead of the Jets).

Ravens (-7) over the Bengals: Why in the hell would anyone speak with any certainty about what’s going to happen in this one? Baltimore could win by 24, Cincy could grind out a ten point win, Trent Dilfer could get drunk and go on TV asking why the Ravens cut him after winning the Super Bowl, nothing would surprise me.

Raiders (-1) at the Vikings: This could be a sneaky good game since I remain convinced that Minny isn’t as terrible as they looked Monday. But look for Oakland to sneak one out as they remain in first place ahead of *Checks standings*…Denver? Contract the AFC West

Jaguars (+1) at the Browns: This time fans might start throwing bottles out of boredom.

As you can see by the bottles' relative proximity to Kyle Brady the fans in Cleveland were only less accurate throwing than Tim Couch that day

Lions (-7) over the Panthers: Thought about saddling up with Cam Newton again but they’re so bad now that the Cincinnati Ginger is stealing Rookie of the Year votes every week. Since I got nothing else to add about this game how’s about taking a moment to celebrate Detroit’s regression to the mean following that flukey 5-0 start? Can’t come back from 20 down each week and now them winning on Thanksgiving barely makes a dent in the division race, good times all around. Next week I’ll rant about how annoying it is when Matt Stafford is listed amongst good NFC North quarterbacks, right now there are just two while he embraces mediocrity.

Cowboys (-7.5) at Washington: I’d say this month long stretch of play from his team has left Mike Shanahan red-faced but he always looks like that (the veal, you should try it).

Cardinals (+9.5) at the 49ers: John Skelton has been doing the exact same shit Tebow has the last couple weeks, if only he was praising Jesus after each ugly win too he’d be the talk of the league. I’ve tried this in the past with San Fran taking the points and hoping for an ugly affair, let’s make it happen Ol’ Johnny Skelly (let’s try to make this nickname catch on).

Seahawks (+2.5) at the Rams: Why in the hell is a team with wins over the Giants and Ravens an underdog here? I hate this line for making me form strong feelings regarding an NFC West game.

Bears (-3.5) over the Chargers: Don’t look now but the NFC North might actually have the two best teams in the conference this season (I’ve made my feelings about the 2010 Bears known). At long last we get another meeting between two QBs who outright hate each other, I’ve missed this.

Phil Rivers fumes while Jay Cutler gives the pose Mark Linn-Baker perfected on Perfect Strangers when Balki got into mischief

Titans (+6.5) at the Falcons: These teams could play the dullest 23-20 game ever, let’s see it.

Giants (-4) over the Eagles: Quite the journey Philly has taken since their last Sunday night game against the Cowboys. I love how everyone seems shocked that a team trying to put itself together the Dan Snyder way would be 3-6 considering his team sports the same record.

Patriots (-14.5) over the Chiefs: Tyler Palko starts for KC. I recorded a Swamp People holiday special called Swampsgiving last night, might have to save that for when the game is out of hand in the 2nd quarter. CHOOT HIM LIZABET!!