Thanks to a miraculous Titan comeback to only lose by 6 when they were getting an extra half-point in Atlanta a winning week was had at 7-6-1 (Baltimore and Cincy pushed which made me feel like I won after saying there was no way to rationally pick that game). I got things to do today so we’ll return to the gimmick post (I’d feel worse about it but at least I’m not comparing teams to different things like Andy Staples at every week) so let’s sit around the TV trays and say what we’re all thankful for in each game.

Lions (+6) over the Packers: Thankful for the three teams that have already beaten the Lions making it such that even if the Packers drop this one it won’t matter much in terms of the division title, remember a few weeks back when people were thinking this would be a game between two 10-0 teams? It’s like the first week in October when speculation about what the BCS will do when there are 17 undefeated teams.

Cowboys (-7) over the Dolphins: Thankful that Miami has remembered that they’re not one of the worst teams in the league (they have a +7 point differential on the season, not common for 3-7 clubs) so this should theoretically be a competitive game unless Matt Moore gets befuddled by Rob Ryan’s defense and stomach growling knowing the feast that awaits.

Ravens (-3.5) over the 49ers: It’s been so great having Jim Harbaugh back in the NFL to pick fights with douchebag coaches and just generally be interesting when too many guys are doing their best Eric Mangini impressions.

Jets (-8) over the Bills: I’m glad Ryan Fitzpatrick is around because him catching almost zero flack for playing like shit since getting paid shines some light on what I think is underlying racism when it comes to people dogging Chris Johnson who they say is doing the same thing. And that was our annual Real Talk segment here at BTG.

Texans (-3.5) at the Jaguars: Matt Leinart is now thankful that he didn’t sign in Seattle and now gets to play around with Arian Foster and Andre Johnson. Call me stupid, but I think he does well here, just needs to add a sweet ‘stache and he could be this generation’s Jeff Hostetler.

Bengals (-7.5) over the Browns: I’d be thankful if I was colorblind while attempting to watch this game but alas I’m not so there is no joy to be derived from this one.

This is either a photo of a hunting blind from last weekend's deer season kickoff or a Bengal-Browns game, either way it's nauseating

Cots (+3.5) over the Panthers: I’m thankful that this should be the last week I idiotically think the Colts are going to rally up and win a game. Cam Newton is all interceptiony right now and Carolina has the worst defense in the league, need to capitalize boys.

Buccaneers (+3.5) at the Titans: Thankful for NFL Sunday Ticket so I won’t have to watch a minute of this.

Rams (-3) over the Cardinals: See Tampa @ Tennessee.

Seahawks (-4) over Washington: See Arizona @ St. Louis.

Falcons (-9.5) over the Vikings: I’m thankful to have the Minnesota Vikings be in my life and be terrible. Sports needs villains and while the Bears and Lions are doing their part to become the new annoyances to Packer fans there’s just something familiar about those purple assholes. I’ll feel bad when they move to LA for a couple minutes before taking time to point and laugh at the fans for losing their team.

Patriots @ Eagles: Waiting until later to see if they post a line, guess I can be thankful that Vince Young and his Lamar-esque throwing motion are back on the TV.

Bears (+4.5) at the Raiders: I don’t believe in celebrating injury so I won’t be thankful for Jay Cutler’s thumb. How’s about going with something sappy about being thankful for everything Al Davis did for the league, including giving us this photo before he passed on.

The Ghost of Thanksgiving Future warns against that third slice of pecan pie painting a grim picture of tummy ache

Broncos (+6.5) at the Chargers: Thankful that in any other year a 10-0 team would be getting all the eyeballs and discussion but as if from on high Tim Tebow has sent to us to put together one scoring drive a game leading to bullshit such as this and keeping that debate going. Notice how we haven’t even heard from Mercury Morris yet? He’s too busy watching Tebow.

Steelers (-10.5) at the Chiefs: There is nothing to be thankful for with this game being on national TV after seeing the mess KC is on Monday. This is why no one likes you NBC and sadly Community had to suffer for it.

Saints (-7) over the Giants: Nice MNF game (looked at their upcoming schedule and there’s a Rams-Seahawks game in there, morbidly curious to see how Gruden and Jaws call that one). Thankful for Archie and Olivia Manning’s sex drive because without it I wouldn’t be able to make “Cooper [Last Name]” jokes involving long lost brothers (there’s an older Rodgers brother but sadly his name is Luke) and we wouldn’t have The Manning Face.