The winds of change are blowing and the NFL is beginning to make more sense. Despite an early couple bad weeks for me last week was the first winning mark of the season and while 9-7 isn’t season saving it’s a step in the right direction. Big thanks to the Raiders for making me looking smart and to the Vikings for only losing by 3 (of course the Dolphins continue to make me look the fool but still losing but covering 2.5 along the way, you know how rare an occurrence that is?!?!). So now as I settle into a place of Zen where me and the NFL season are of one mind, let’s keep the momentum going as I dig my way out of this 15-30-3 hole. Lines taken from this week.

Packers (-12.5) over the Broncos: So I’ve been burned twice in two weeks with the big lines as the Steelers easily covered against Seattle but last week the Chargers struggled so bad against Kansas City that I’m kicking myself for not seeing that coming. This however is not a divisional matchup so that plays into the Packers’ favor and they really should roll in this one. Feels like a long time since they played at home with the Thursday night opener followed by the two roadies and with a 3:15 kick the crowd should be especially lubed up and ready to go. Scary news for the rest of the league: Even when TGIFinley doesn’t know what the hell’s going on, he still scores touchdowns.

Panthers (+6.5) at the Bears: Kinda hate this line since I fully expect this to be the first game in which Cam Newton really struggles, the Chicago defense confuses Aaron Rodgers a few times a game so I can only imagine what they’ll do to the kid. But I still like that Carolina pass rush and the Bears continue to employ five turnstiles on the offensive line, match that up with if there was ever a week for DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart to start running the ball it should be this one and even a Bear win could come in closer than the respect this line is showing them.

Bills (-3) at the Bengals: Buffalo, if you are to be a thing this season, you can’t lose this game.

Browns (+1) over the Titans: No Kenny Britt meaning Cleveland might just put all 11 defenders in the box to stop Chris Johnson as opposed to the usual 7-8 the Tennessee opponents have been employing the first three weeks. A little surprised here that the Brownies would be a home underdog in this one, parlay that with the under 43.5 (if either team reaches 20 points in this one I’ll eat my hat) and use the winnings to buy some Brewers World Series tickets.

Cowboys (-1.5) over the Lions: Might be more wishful thinking than anything here since when the Cowboy line isn’t screwing up a snap they’re not blocking so Suh & Friends could have a big day. But on the other hand Jared Allen looked alive again last week and DeMarcus Ware is much better than him so what the hell, go Boys. In case you hadn’t heard Tony Romo is playing with cracked ribs which makes him the toughest athlete in the history of ever (until you remember that he missed time last season with a broken pinkie of course).

Even with a punctured lung, Tony Romo wants to sex your girlfriend

Texans (-4) over the Steelers: Fun game, big game. This one will determine if I am to take Houston seriously going forward since at home, against a team that’s suddenly full of Fred Sanfords on defense, they just have to win this one. Don’t feel bad for taking them in New Orleans last week since they dominated the first half other than scoring in the red zone, not too much shame in letting Drew Brees do you dirty in the second half. So of course after saying all this watch Pittsburgh win 27-13 followed by Hines Ward crying in the locker room saying “No one believed we could do this”.

Saints (-6.5) at the Jaguars: Not an overly long drive from New Orleans to Jacksonville, PULL OFF THE TARP!

Chiefs (+2.5) over the Vikings: I used the above photo to commemorate the last time Denver visited Green Bay back in 2003. As I’m sure you remember the Packers whooped a sleep-walking Bronco team and the miracle in Phoenix propelled them to the postseason (if you haven’t seen Paul Allen’s call set to Tecmo Bowl I can’t recommend it enough). So while it would appear that Minnesota is less of a mess right now than KC since they’re capable of getting leads I’ll call for this one to end with Ricky Stanzi completing a desperation heave to the end zone as time expires.

49ers (+9) at the Eagles: No clue, feel bad picking a game and using “I’m guessing Vick gets hurt again” as rationale.

Giants (-1) at the Cardinals: Another NFC East-West showdown that causes indigestion just thinking about. I guess if you can win in Philly you should be able to beat the Fighting Kolbs on the road.

Rams (+2.5) over Washington: If only because this should be the most desperate team in the league for a win, they’re at home and watching that Monday Night slopfest revealed that Rex Grossman will still do Rex Grossman things to keep both teams in the game at all times (for this I’m grateful, he’s underrated on the list of fun quarterbacks to watch).

Sexy Rexy: Racking up interceptions and venerial diseases since his Gator days

Falcons (-4.5) at the Seahawks: Tempting to take the underdog at home here considering how bad Atlanta’s looked to start the season but if the Rams aren’t the most desperate team for a win this week it would be the Falcons and the line really isn’t that big. Of course for what I think is the first time this season all 4 NFC West teams are underdogs (last week had the unfortunate occurrence of a intradivisional matchup keeping the dream from being realized).

Raiders (+4) over the Patriots: McFadden is a little dinged up which causes some concern but the Black Hole is showing signs of life again, and isn’t the NFL a better league with the Raiders involved and causing trouble? Tom Brady cut his hair this week, no doubt in an attempt to keep Richard Seymour from pulling it in revenge.

Dolphins (+7) at the Chargers: I HATE MIAMI LINES! (And just so Michael Irvin doesn’t think I’m insulting his favorite pastime, I meant gambling point spreads)

Ravens (-3.5) over the Jets: One of these teams still plays good defense (Here’s a hint: It’s the one Rex Ryan no longer works for).

Buccaneers (-10.5) over the Colts: So instead of getting fuzzy memories of the 2003 MNF between these teams in Tampa where Peyton went silly in the 4th quarter we’re left with this mess. I’d consider going Indy after the valiant effort they put up last week but that game was at home and the admirable guts they showed last week will be tough to duplicate week in and week out. By the way, I saw a head shot of Curtis Painter and was struggling to figure out who it reminded me of when finally it hit me.