I wanted to go with a holiday theme this week thinking that Hanukkah had already started but that’s next Wednesday so I’ll withhold finding ways to drop Yiddish words in the picks (which is a shame since there were so many opportunities to say taking the Colts once again is meshuggah).

Packers (-14) at the Chiefs: Kinda want to take the points here but KC might just be what the doctor ordered for this defense. They can’t pass protect (with an especially slow tackle of Clay Matthews’ side) and are looking at starting either Kyle Orton with a gimpy finger on his throwing hand (not to mention they already picked him off three times when he started for Denver against them in Week 4) or rookie Ricky Stanzi who was known more for loving America a little too much in college than for playing well. I’m scared the Chief defense could be frisky and get some hits on Rodgers but 27-10 is still a cover here and homefield advantage will be theirs.

Falcons (-11.5) over the Jaguars: Hey, I got a Thursday nighter right…this game was no contest from the start, the only highlight was seeing Shahid Khan’s mustache during a sideline interview.

Shahid Khan is in high spirits after defeating Bowser while still retaining his fire power

Cowboys (-7) at the Buccaneers: A Saturday night “special” on NFLN. Remember when CBS and FOX would each put on a Saturday game in December once the college season was over? We need a return to those days and less of the Bucs of my TV (although I must say their crash back to Earth was so predicable I shouldn’t take credit for believing it but need the small victory).

Dolphins @ Bills: Can’t find a line for this one and aren’t sure why it would have been pulled unless Ryan Fitzpatrick is questionable with a pulled beard. Give me Buffalo regardless of what the spread eventually becomes, Tony Sparano got the Phins to play hard and now he’s gone, in memoriam I’m listening to this moving tribute.

Seahawks (+3.5) at the Bears: Caleb Hanie giving more than a field goal? Sam Hurd should be allowed to hand out drugs to the fans walking into Soldier Field who are paying money to watch this Bear team right now, consider it community service.

Colts (+6.5) over the Titans: Indy finally covered a spread last weekend when I said they would, let’s get crazy here and chase the winnings. Not even sure who’s starting at QB for Tennessee, just know this game will be a 21-17 final.

Bengals (-6) at the Rams: I heard Kellen Clemens might be starting for St Louis, everything about their team depresses me and it was just a short decade ago that I celebrated when they lost a Super Bowl (don’t judge, at that time we didn’t know how insufferable Patriot fans would turn out to be, in those days we didn’t think they existed).

Saints (-7) at the Vikings: Giving points all over the place this week but this is the time in the season where the haves are more focused than the clubs just looking forward to the offseason. A Minnesota win would be swell since I want New Orleans on the road in the second round but their defense was torched through the air by Tebow, Brees could throw for 600 if he plays the entire game.

Texans (-6.5) over the Panthers: I tell ya, I’m backing more well-to-do clubs this week than Congress *Crickets*. Carolina’s defense might be bad enough to keep Houston on the field for 45 minutes, just hope TJ Yates’ parents didn’t get used to having a lot of leg room in the stands.

Just in case you thought TJ Yates' parents were the two bitchy looking girls in the first row Rich Gannon was there to help

Giants (-7) over Washington: Perfect game for Big Blue to come out looking like ass after their big win last week in Dallas. But Washington is involved and while I was right about them putting a scare into the Patriots think they shot their last wad of the season. G-Men grind out a cover.

Jets (+3) at the Eagles: This line confuses me since one team is good and the other isn’t. Will be rooting for Philly though since the less Ryan brothers in the postseason, the better.

Lions (-1) at the Raiders: Suh is back and Oakland has lost it’s last two games by a combined 120 points, this one should go Detroit’s way. A word of advice to Suh, perhaps try velcro for the game in Lambeau.

Broncos (+6.5) over the Patriots: Tebow we have heard on high, keeps on winning football games / But 14 points won’t be enough, Skip Bayless won’t be the same…GROOOONNNKOWWWWWWWWSKI!

Cardinals (-7) over the Browns: John Skelton just wins football games but alas gets no Christmas carol in his honor.

Ravens (-2.5) at the Chargers: Was thinking about it and this game could actually be good if Phil Rivers really is going good again, let us not fret over there being no Tebow in primetime.

Steelers @ 49ers: No line for this one either with the Roethlisberger uncertainty, like these posts weren’t lacking enough, don’t even have games to pick now. I figure regardless this will be within 4 points so I’m taking San Fran both because I think the Monday night crowd should be good and I want it to happen to help with the Saints for #3 Seed dream.