We’ve reached the unofficial midway point of the Packer season (it’s easier to think this way with a bye week falling near the middle) and unlike my picks the champs sport a stellar record. Unlike in ’97 when they seemed to come back content from winning Super Bowl XXXI to the point where Holmgren gave them the entire bye week off to get right (at the time that was a big deal) this club has come back focused and if not as good defensively, still better overall. Whereas in previous seasons they probably finds ways to lose the Saint, Falcon and eve the Metrodome game this club has made the stops late and more importantly the offense is killing clock to seal victories. Real good team #belt

As for the rest of the league, another above water week for me (7-5-1, 42-54-7 on the season) including prophetic visions of Minnesota keeping it close and the Chiefs going on the road to cover. We’ll just choose to ignore my taking Tennessee to cover 3.5 at home. Let’s start with the only real important game of the day for Packer fans

Lions (-3) at the Broncos: Since a line exists for this game I’ll just assume that Matt Stafford is going to play. I enjoyed how important this is being made out to be since to those who have been paying attention, Matty Frat House is having a nice season but seems like people are of the belief that he’s really good. Meanwhile, in reality the Lions are a team that hasn’t hit 20 points in their last two games, can’t run the ball and even with Calvin Johnson are a dink and dump outfit by and large. Of course they should still win in Denver since the Broncos suck but who knows, it might be fun rooting for Tim Tebow for one game. By the way, if you do this you fail at life.

Colts (+9) at the Titans: These AFC South intradivisional matchups going forward will rival the NFC West in terms of “only stopping on this game if every other one is at commercial” status.

Texans (-9.5) over the Jaguars: Matt Schaub is no Joe Flacco and for the purposes of this discussion that’s bad news for Jacksonville as I doubt 12 points will be enough to win this one.

Panthers (-3.5) over the Vikings: Definite potential here for the fun game between teams not going anywhere this season. Cam Newton could throw for 400 while Peterson rushes for 250. Or it could suck, thus far not overly impressed with the early slate of games.

Saints (-13.5) at the Rams: St Louis has scored 56 points in 6 games played but have made up for it by only allowing 171.

24-0 Saints in the first quarter? The horror, the horror...

Ravens (-12.5) over the Cardinals: 14-0 covers this so not even Flacco puts the fear of the lord in me with this one. By the way, how does that guy seem to get worse? I know it’s fun to rip on Mark Sanchez and all but who would you rather run a two-minute drive for you in a tie game? Certainly not Eddie the Eagle for me.

Dolphins (+9.5) at the Giants: These lines are just the worst. There will be underdogs covering but choosing which has become difficult so I’ll err on the side of never taking Little Brother Manning to demolish a bad team like he really should (see: home loss to Seattle – SEATTLE! – a couple weeks back). Fun theme in this game in that Bill Parcells was involved prominently with both these teams for a time and yet one fanbase wishes him harm and songs are written about his “urine-colored hair”, what a man.

Bills (-6) over Washington: Buffalo can’t stop the pass. Washington can’t pass and now can’t run with Hightower out for the year. A classic matchup of the movable object against the resistible force, if you want to be a thing this year Bills this game has to be won.

Patriots (-3) at the Steelers: Doesn’t it feel like New England wins at Pittsburgh 30-10 every time they play there? This should be the game of the day but these teams aren’t wont for playing competitive affairs and Tahmmy is coming off the bye.

Browns (+9) at the 49ers: Okay, you’re having a fine season San Francisco and much love for making the Lions look like clowns both on and off the field but 9 points seems excessive even against a team the likes of Cleveland (who are 3-3 but the wins have come against Indy, Miami and Seattle who was honest to god hurt because Tarvaris Jackson was out). The Brownies will get in your way on defense so while I don’t expect Pow-Pow McCoy to score much on their unit let’s hope for a 17-10 decision.

Seahawks (+3) over the Bengals: In honor of Halloween, this game is not only hideous due to the teams involved but because of the uniform clash. Stare at this game too long and this will be your fate

Why is Charlie Whitehurst throwing on 3rd and1?!?! WHHHYYYYYY!!!

Cowboys (+3.5) at the Eagles: Loving the extra half point, Philly can’t stop the run and shouldn’t be able to block DeMarcus Ware. Expect Dallas to have a lead late before Romo gets picks and the Eagles take it 23-20.

Chiefs (+4) over the Chargers: Be still my heart, an interesting Monday Night game? Missed these. People must not be watching a lot of San Diego football since the lines still suggest they’re a league power when their play doesn’t match this. It’s gotten to the point that I’ll be a surprised if the Packers can’t head out there in two weeks and get a win but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.