If you missed it, notoriously hit-or-miss Bucks beat writer Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal-Times recently reported that the Bucks might have interest in Nets center Brook Lopez if he opts out his final contract year.

Brook Lopez is a good scorer, and basically awful at everything else. Despite being a 7 footer, he averaged 7.4 rebounds per game this season, compare to 6″3 Russell Westbrook, who averaged 7.3.

And yet, most reasonable observers would expect him to command a max contract, or close to it, on the free agent market, because that’s just how the NBA works these days. He’s a big name, and would draw the attention of casual fans if signed. If Herb Kohl still owned the Bucks, I’d expect them to be drawing up the paperwork for a massive offer as we speak.

What would be odd about the new Bucks regime being interested in Lopez is the fact that Jason Kidd reportedly tried to trade Lopez to the Bucks for Larry Sanders during his only season as Nets head coach in 2013-14. Unless you’re big into conspiracy theories and think that Kidd was trying to help his future team, the logical conclusion is that he’s not a big fan of Lopez’s style of play and tried to swap him for a player who is his complete opposite in every way.

Regardless, it would make a lot more sense for the Bucks to be interested in the other Lopez twin, Robin, who is also a free agent, a more capable defender, won’t cost as much, and probably will not get out-rebounded by point guards if starting.